el nino diablo

el nino diablo’s musical journey is an ever evolving process. Originally starting out as a radio host on pirate stations in his native Cyprus he then became a sought-after DJ in London’s underground queer scene in the late 90s. Simultaneously he had also launched a renowned music PR agency under his name, representing artists such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Mulatu Astatke and Horse Meat Disco.  After travelling all around the world for 5 years he is now based in Berlin working on his debut album at Funkhaus studios.

el nino diablo’s music has been described as conceptual, experimental and emotional. He applies meditation techniques in his productions and performance, fusing organic sounds, field recordings, live instrumentation with synths (digital and analogue) and drum machines. The result is a diverse range - from pieces evoking the vastness of deserts, or the lushness of tropical jungles to tracks that explore emotional landscapes and dream states. 

'When it comes to music, I'm inspired by my surroundings, nature and my own personal experiences. I'm fascinated with how sound can be a lived-in experience having transformative qualities for the performer and the audience. With each piece of music I envision to create mini worlds transporting the listener onto a journey that bridges the gap between the conscious and the unconscious. I also love the thrill of free improvisation, feeding off my bandmates and the crowd's energy to create something new and unexpected. I take these experiences in the studio with me and aim to create from a point of not knowing. That’s where the magic happens’